Do you want to know if you’re on the right track? Do you seek reassurance, or confirmation or just really want to know about something happening in your life? If you have a question you’d love to ask, or feel like you’re missing what the universe is trying to tell you, come along and find out.

Benevolent spiritual forces surround everyone on earth, supporting you in all aspect of your life. They are your helpers; often called our ‘angels’ or ‘spirit guides’. During some readings, loved ones who have passed over may also share their messages with you. Deceased loved ones cannot be guaranteed to always talk, but angels can.

Readings with Zoe are fun, enlightening and full of practical tips, love and wisdom. Bring along paper and pen and any questions you may have. A warm welcome awaits!

INITIAL VISIT $150 – 50 mins
FOLLOW UP $150 – 50 mins