Tap into the power of your energy field with Zoe Alexander

Spark! The Power is Within

Spark! The Power is Within

Taught by Zoe Alexander

Do you want to tap into your intuition? Learn to be more present in life?

This course gives you a complete guide to energy, the universe and yourself. By the end of it you will:

  • Know how to use your intuition
  • Know what to do when things feel wrong
  • Know what do to ground yourself & clear your mind
  • Know how to navigate from you own internal compass
  • Be all to “shake it off”
  • Deal with negative people, environments and events
  • Learn to connect to the power that creates worlds

You’ll also finish this course understanding what your personal next steps are.

Everything is comprised of energy, including you. Energy is also simple: it needs to flow. Zoe Alexander will teach you how to flow with yourself and with life around you giving you a deeper understanding of who you are, and will move you beyond past and current limitations and boundaries.

By learning the language of energy, you can recognise and fulfil your deeper needs: the needs of your essence or soul.

Course Structure & Timetable

You will receive a manual that you are asked to read and discuss in class. The majority of time during our class will be focused on teaching you how to work with your energy and understand how your energy system communicates with you. You will be expected to practice energetic exercises at home. You will also be asked to join a private Facebook group where you can record your experiences, share your insights and ask questions of your teacher Zoe Alexander.

  • Week 1: You
    Why you matter. Exploration of energy: a physical and metaphysical approach.
  • Week 2: You are an energetic being
    Tools to help you develop your awareness of energy.
  • Week 3: Your energy system
    How to be and how to access the ‘real you’.
  • Week 4: Energy and your mind
    Homeostasis or self-destruction? How your mind turns your energy on and off.
  • Week 5: Energy: yourself and others
    How you affect others, how others affect you, and what you can do about this.
  • Week 6: Energies in the environment
    How you affect the energy in your home and office, and how it affects you. Discover practical tools to help.
  • Week 7: Spirit in Motion
    You’re connected to everything and everyone. How Spirit works through you and how you can access your spiritual helpers.
  • Week 8: Help from Spirit
    How the Universe helps you, and how to tap into this help. Learn what you need to do next.

On completion of this course, you will be invited to join the follow-on course; Illuminate with your Angels and Guides: Connecting with your Spiritual Helpers.

Course Information

Next course dates:

Course 1: Saturday 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th April, 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th May 2018. The course runs consecutive Saturdays for 8 weeks, 2 pm- 5.30 pm.

Course 2: Dates to be set, 2018.

The course runs consecutive Saturdays for 8 weeks, 9 am- 12.30 pm.

Cost $895.

Please contact us to register your interest.

Places are strictly limited.

Cost $895.

Book your place now by calling 02 8076 5111 or emailing us at info@thegentledragon.com.au.


I highly recommend Spark to anyone and everyone.

We all should know more about our essence, who we really are and how to feel good just being who we are. 

It’s the safest warmest and most comfortable environment to discover who you are and unlock the energy within and be at peace with who you really are.


It would have taken a shelf full of books to provide half the information that is provided in this course. I enjoyed all aspects of this course and highly recommend it.


This course allowed me to understand my energy system better and feel it blocks up. It really has opened my energy centres up and helped me recognise when my own energy is out of balance or inbalanced. Priceless for me. Great course! xxx


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