• Tsering is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings.
  • Private health fund rebate provider
  • Registered with AHPRA

Tsering (pronounced Se-ring) is a holistic bodyworker who incorporates acupuncture and Chinese medicine with remedial massage.

She has been working with people to become pain free and help manage stress related disorders for over 13 years.

With the demand for complementary medicine growing in the community, Tsering opened the Gentle Dragon in early 2015 with a vision to provide a peaceful and professional setting for a team of complementary health care practitioners.

Beginning her training as a massage therapist, this was a gateway to learning about complementary medicine and to further broaden her scope of practice Tsering undertook the Bachelor of Health Science degree (UTS) in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

This has now provided a platform to be able to help people with more complex health issues.

Your consultation with Tsering may incorporate acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, massage therapy, moxibustion as well as dietary and lifestyle advice.




  • Zoe is available on Wednesdays and two Saturdays each month.

You, your energy and the power of your mind are Zoe’s specialities. For 15 years she’s been helping people transform, connect to self, heal and spiritually wake up by tapping into their own inbuilt energy framework and psyche and discovering ways to live the life they truly want and desire.

Originally from Scotland, since 2007 Zoe has been an advisor to the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine in the UK in the field of Energy Medicine.

After coming to Australia Zoe developed Heart2Shine’s Flower Essence range as a way to further support people in between appointments. This range is available for sale at the Gentle Dragon.

Zoe is available for face-to-face sessions for Transformational Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance Readings on Wednesdays and twice a month on Saturdays.

Zoe is also an experienced teacher and has taught here in Australia, UK and Canada.

Currently, Zoe offers Beginner’s Mindfulness Meditation courses and Spark! The Power is Within, here at the Gentle Dragon.


life coach and creator of heart2shine's flower essences Zoe Alexander



  • Line is available on Mondays & Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Line (pronounced Leena) is an experienced Acupuncturist and Naturopath, who has been helping people feel better naturally since 2002.

Originally from Norway, Line left her two successful clinics to move to Australia at the end of 2014.

As well as working to help client’s feel better in her business in Norway, Line also taught Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Naturopathy, publishing many articles in this field, as well as how to set up, run and manage a business within the natural healthcare field.

Line is also a qualified and experienced Radiographer, analyzing general x-rays, CT, angiography and suggesting treatments, for 7 years in a hospital in Norway. Line is passionate about combining the best of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with western approaches (biological medicine) and is committed to finding the best way to help you heal and feel well, through utilizing the right mix of nutrition, herbs, vitamins and minerals and TCM for you.

Line, as a lifelong learner, continues to study and find new ways to apply her ever-developing skills to help you and your health.



Naturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist (BHScNAT)

  • Natasha is available Wednesdays & Fridays 
  • Private health fund rebate provider
  • Member of NHAA

Natasha’s unique consultation style draws equally from the most up to date evidence based clinical research and traditional holistic medicine knowledge.

She is passionate about reigniting your body’s healing intelligence, through herbal medicine, nutrition as well as exploring any parallel emotional themes via your body’s physical symptoms.

Your health priorities are at the forefront of each treatment plan, with short and long-term goals tracked and adapted as we go.

Your consult with Natasha will be highly individualised, personal and thorough so that your treatment plan is realistic and sustainable.

Natasha holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and Nutrition. She has been passionate about holistic health for over 15 years, when her family first established a biodynamic, organic farm in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

As a mother to three young children, Natasha appreciates the challenges of managing stress, supporting family needs without compromising your health and personal fulfillment.

All health queries welcome, including:

Digestive, hormonal, immune, cardiovascular, skin-related, fertility, preconception, paediatric, menopause, fatigue, stress and nervous system imbalances

Your time with Natasha includes:

  • Herbal medicine
    • Made for your specific needs, adjusted as your body changes
  • Nutritional therapy
    • Through food and supplements
  • Analysis of medical tests
    • Understanding the links between complex or multiple health issues

Discuss current pharmaceuticals

  • Reduce side effects from medications
  • Iridology
    • Detailed iris (eye) assessment
  • Flower Essence Energetic Healing

Australian Bush Flower Essences made especially for you