Learn to meditate at The Gentle Dragon


Come and Learn to Meditate with Zoe Alexander at The Gentle Dragon!

  • Next Meditation Class 2018- dates to follow!

Meditation is something a lot of people think about doing. I believe it’s something everyone should do.

Over 300 studies have shown that experienced meditators know: that a regular practice can help you feel well, think more clearly, increase your performance at work, respond better to stress, help manage anxiety and depression and even make you a happier person. Definitely, something everyone should learn!

I teach mindfulness meditation. It’s non-denominational, simple and can help you positively impact your life (with practice) over time.

I teach beginner’s meditation and definitely do not expect you to be meditating like a Buddhist monk after week 1 (or even after week 6!)

At its core meditation is simple: but learning to meditate can feel daunting and initially be difficult.  It’s my job to help you first learn to meditate and then secondly establish a simple practice at home. if you’ve been thinking about meditating, make NOW your time to come and learn.


Zoe Alexander’s Beginners Mindfulness Meditation Class is taught on two levels. Level 1 and Level 2 are both 6 weeks. After you have completed Level 1 you will be invited to join Level 2. Level 2 starts the week after Level 1 finishes. Level 2 is open to all previous meditation students who help them refresh and tune up their practice.

Dates are yet to be set for 2018 for Zoe’s next 6-week level 1 beginner mindfulness meditation course.

Zoe Alexander is an experienced meditation teacher and has personally meditated for 25 years. Classes are small, informal and fun. During your time on the course, you will be given a course manual, audio downloads to help you practice at home, access to a private Facebook group to provide you with support and share your experiences as well as a complimentary bottle of Heart2Shine’s Clarity flower essence to help ease you into your meditation practice.

Course cost: Level 1 $195

Level 2 $195


Being an absolute beginner in the world of meditation, but having heard others experiences I was excited and nervous. From the first night I felt completely comfortable in the space and with the guidence of Zoe I felt confident that I could relax, learn and enjoy the experience. The group setting was perfect in size, I found myself looking forward to every session. This was the perfect introduction to Meditation I was looking for.


If you are thinking about meditation. PLEASE do it. PLEASE start and do the course with Zoe. It is the best thing I have ever done! Getting started, finding Zoe and finding out how much meditation can improve your life and help you cope with what life throws at you. I couldn’t recommend it enough.


As an experienced meditator (daily for several years) I found this course very enjoyable and beneficial. Even though it was aimed at beginners it was great to really ‘sharpen up the basics’. I wish I had started here when I first tried meditation many years ago. The content was easy to understand, simple and focused with no extraneous matter. It was delivered compassionately, skillfully and supportively.

I wish everyone had access to such amazing material, knowledge, experience and support to learn this life changing skill.


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