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4 things that will dramatically improve your health (that are free!)

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As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, I am a huge advocate for acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage therapy. I truly believe that most people will benefit from these therapies in some shape or form.

Something that I like to emphasis to all my patients is the importance of what you do at home between sessions. It’s the things you do everyday that will make the biggest changes to your health.

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Parasites- the nasty unwanted guest

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Our body host more than 130 different types of parasites. Some of them are part of our natural microbiota. Parasite infections can be varying from mild to very serious with severe symptoms. But what is a parasite?

A parasite is a simple celled micro-organism – an animal if you like – that lives in other species where it gets protection and a home. It does not benefit the host and it does not bring in any benefits to its host – its doing more harm than good. Read More