Get your Goals Back On Track

At the end of June, we are now HALFWAY through this year. Did you set any goals this year? How are they going? If good, WELL DONE!!! Let me take you back to January 1st. What were your New year’s resolutions? What goals did you set? Now let me ask, are you on track to achieve your new year’s resolutions?

If not, perhaps my article published in June’s Peninsula Living magazine could help you get your goals back on track.

You can click on the article image below to make it bigger and if you would like a copy of the action plan I created to help, click & print here.

You CAN achieve your goals!

Here’s to making those dreams become reality!

Zoe X



are your goals on track? article by Zoe Alexander published June 2017 Peninsula Living



Peninsula Living June 2017 cover

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