Life Coaching: Why You Should Try it

life coaching why you should try it by Zoe Alexander

Life Coaching: Why You Should Try It

Does your life feel fabulous? If not, life coaching could help!

If not, I suggest you stop, take 5, grab a drink and ask yourself one of the most important questions you can ever pose:  How does my life feel? 

This is it. There’s no rehearsal. There are no refunds. This is your life and whatever is going on is real.
life coaching at the gentle dragon with Zoe Alexander

Regardless if your life feels great right now or not, your life is precious. It, therefore, makes sense to honour it by taking the time to really assess how you feel and establish ways to make your life work and feel better.

Making their life work and feel better is one of the main reasons people come to work with me.

Life Coaching isn’t therapy. It isn’t counselling. Whilst you do discuss what isn’t working, what makes you feel unhappy or what’s wrong, you only do so to establish what’s right, may work and what would feel better. Rather than problems, we focus on YOU; establish what matters to you, what you truly want as well as how you want to feel in life. We then focus on strategies and techniques to help you deliberately design the kind of life that’s right for you.

Coaches specialise in many areas. I specialise in holistic and spiritual life coaching. That simply means I work to establish what has deep meaning and a sense of purpose for you. This doesn’t mean religion, God or even taking up yoga. But it can mean taking your dream, talent, gift or disposition, unique to you, and finding ways to bring them to life.

Your life is happening now. Why not create a fabulous one?  You deserve it!

Zoe X

Zoe offers Transformational Life Coaching face-to-face or on Skype on Wednesdays and twice a month on Saturdays. Click here to book your appointment. Zoe also teaches Mindfulness Meditation and Spark the Power is Within here at The Gentle Dragon.

She is also the creator of Heart2Shine’s Flower Essence range which is available at the Gentle Dragon.