Master Meditation- Here’s How

Master Meditation

Master Meditation

Would you like to master meditation? I’m a meditation teacher and teach people how to meditate. Even better, I love to help people master meditation.

At its core, meditation is simple- so simple that I can teach you to meditate on one of my 6 week beginners meditation courses.

During my course, you learn what meditation is, what it’s not, how to meditate, how to set up a home practice and I also help you navigate the difficulties commonly experienced when you start to meditate. Whilst this will get you going with meditation, you will need more if you want to master meditation.

Mastery in anything starts with learning a skill. But learning a skill does not create a master. Mastery comes from repetition of that skill. But repetition of that skill does not create a master. Mastery takes time. The skill needs to be repeated over a long period of time. But time does not create the master. The last ingredient that needs to be added to the skill/repetition/time mix is dedication.

Dedication is what lifts any skill, through repeated use over time, into the realms of the master. Dedication is the ingredient that you need to bring if you want to master anything, including meditation.

During the course I will teach you the skill, which is how to meditate. I will help you establish the best routine so that you can easily repeat your practice of meditation.

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My 6 week Level 1 Meditation Course does not give you enough time to make you a master- no matter how dedicated you are and how diligently you practice! It just isn’t long enough. If, however, you do want more time with me, your teacher, in a structured & supportive environment, you can continue with Level 2 Meditation Course, which follows on the very next week after Level 1 finishes.

This will give you more time: time to practice, time to deepen your knowledge, time to establish your routine and time to gain insight and support from your fellow students in a structured environment.

If you want to master meditation, you will need to practice meditation regularly. To help you do that I offer monthly meditation catch ups which are open to all past students who have completed at least Level 1 with me.

You can also take the opportunity to repeat the meditation course with me: Level 1, Level 2 or both. My courses are deliberate designed with this in mind. It’s not uncommon for people to start to meditate, establish a practice, go on holiday or have their routine change and find that their practice dwindles or disappears. So if you have the willingness to go again, we can re-ignite and support your dedication and get right back into meditating again.

Meditation master = learn + repeat over a long time until it becomes second nature.

I’m here to support you, if you need me to I offer monthly catch ups as a opportunity for you to regroup or you can deepen your practice by joining me on the course once more.

Here’s to the Aspiring Masters! 


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Zoe teaches Beginners Mindfulness Meditation over two levels, 1 & 2. Each level is 6 weeks. Once you have successfully completed your first level, you are automatically invited into our next level 2, 6 week class.

Level 1 6 week course costs $195 and includes a course book, audio download to help you establish a successful home practice and access to a private Facebook group where we can discuss how you’re going and I can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Level 2 6 week course costs $195 and includes audio downloads and continued support via our Facebook group.

Classes are deliberately small to help provide you with a personalised learning experience.

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